Thunder juniors set to storm the nation’s capital

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Our club is pleased to announce that our junior representative teams will be attending the inaugural Southern Conference Junior Gala Day, which will take place at Deakin Touch Fields (Makin Place, Deakin ACT) on Sunday 15 December 2019.

This announcement comes after a club review of our junior representative calendar, which identified a lack of competition against southern conference based clubs prior to Junior State Cup Southern Conference in Wagga Wagga. With the endorsement of NSW Touch Football, our club has been working behind the scenes with other southern conference based clubs to create a gala day event for our junior representative teams.

This gala day will be available for main and development teams for Boys and Girls U8 to U18 and will see our teams face clubs including Wagga Wagga Vipers, Young Bluetongues and the two ACT based club (Deakin Thunder and City Magic). Further information about this gala day will be distributed to players and parents of our junior representative teams by communications from our club and team coaching staff. But parents are encouraged to book accommodation for this event.

Although this gala day now replaces other December events our club has previously attended, our club remains 100% committed to all other junior representative events conducted by NSW Touch Football and Hunter Western Hornets.

The finalised 2019-2020 Orange Thunder junior representative touch calendar now reads as follows:

  • Don Green Western Junior Championships (16-17 November 2019 in Orange) for all our main and development teams.
  • Southern Conference Junior Gala Day (15 December 2019 in Deakin) for all our main and development teams.
  • Peter Wilson Memorial Junior Championships (1-2 February 2020 in Nelson Bay) for all our main and development teams.
  • Junior State Cup Southern Conference (21-23 February 2020 in Wagga Wagga) for all main teams, with development team attendance pending our club having enough referees.
  • Junior State Cup Finals (7 March 2020 in Penrith) for all U10-U18 teams which place top 4 at JSC Southern Conference.

Any players or parents who have questions about our junior representative calendar are asked to contact our team coaching staff in the first instance, otherwise contact our club by email

Any southern conference based clubs who may be interested in attending this event are asked to contact our club by email

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